The SpillNot® is an elegant solution to the ubiquitous problem of spills while carrying an open beverage such as a mug of coffee or tea. A simple hanging saucer consisting of the base and a webbing loop handle, it is useful, novel,… and fun. Based on the fundamental laws of physics, it is astonishingly effective.

The SpillNot allows a single open beverage in a wide variety of container shapes and sizes to be carried easily for long distances with amazingly little risk of spilling and without excessive concentration to avoid spills. The non-intuitive nature of the solution is so striking that in action, the invention is fascinating to observe. It’s so simple, yet history has no record of a SpillNot before this!


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[WARNING: It's not magic, it's just physics. Please be aware that swinging
the SpillNot with an open beverage does involve some risk of spilling.]


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The SpillNot provides entertainment and a challenge if desired. For example, some confidence and skill are required to perform tricks (best attempted outdoors in an open area with a small plastic cup of water) like flipping it upside down. However, when used simply to go from point A to point B with a beverage, it is often easier than carrying a full mug. It could also be a social ice-breaker by providing entertainment and an interesting topic for discussion, as the underlying physics are not trivial.


 “You have to understand, we have never seen this before. This is like looking at a Lava Lamp for the first time!” – Starbucks store manager

“Oh, you are a nerd… you are an uber-nerd… you are the shining star of uber-nerds!… did you think of that yourself?… Wow!”  – Espresso bar barista

“Is the coffee frozen? How does it work?” – Eight year-old girl

 “How does it work? What’s the physics of it?” – Molecular biologist, Ph.D.

“That is great, I always tell my 16 yr old daughter that studying physics really is important!” – Professional mom

“Wow… score one for physics!” – Cancer researcher

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A hand held hanging tray for carrying a cup of coffee, tea, soup, or other beverage.